Sample buttons made with QuickSell File Seller

Sample mp3 file for sale

QuickSell Pro allows you to offer previews of mp3 files in a quick and easy to understand interface. Logged in users can also use the "Order via deposit" button to buy content directly from their balance. Please note the "preview" is a separate file, you can upload different preview for each product you are selling. So you can simply upload a 30 second demo and it will play once the "Preview" button is clicked.

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Sample video preview

Here you can see how video previews work. Please use the login form with username and password "demo" "demo" to be able to see the "Order via deposit" functionality in action. It's a one click order process seamlessly integrated in the content of the page.

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Sample PDF Preview

You can also test the QR code water mark here, login with user and password demo to test the "Order Via Deposit" feature and see how the one click order and PDF document watermarking works.

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Installation and configuration takes less than two minutes


Available button types (custom buttons also possible)

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Preview Click here Close Preview Buy Now Just $5


Preview $5 Close Preview $ Product $5


$5 Click here to Click here toSee Preview $5 Click here to Close Preview $5 Click here to start the order process Click here to getProduct


$5 Click here toSee Preview $5 Close PreviewVia Deposit $5 Click here to getProduct


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